What is Career Counselling? The CareerScope Approach


Every career counselling client is unique and each session is targeted to the individual. However, at CareerScope, we believe the most effective way to build a rewarding career is to be sure your foundations are solid. This is why we like to incorporate an element of ‘getting back to basics’ in career counselling session.

Getting back to basics means having a clearer idea of what you do want and don’t want in your career moving forward. So, regardless of the occupation / industry / organisation / etc. you end up working in, what do you need in your career to be satisfied. This might include:

  • Examining career values (e.g. work life balance, adventure, independence, teamwork).
  • Career Drivers - what motivates you to perform at work (e.g. material goods, recognition).
  • Transferable Skills - a) what skills do you enjoy and would like to continue developing; b) are there skills you have that you would be happy not to continue using; c) are there skills you would like to acquire; and d) how proficient do you feel you are with these skills?
  • Discuss recent role/s - aspects you enjoyed and didn't enjoy.


Depending on the individual, our discussion/s might also include:

  • Talk about any occupations you may have considered – career counselling is an opportunity to temporarily remove ‘practical filters’ and consider all the possibilities.
  • Consider how any occupation ideas might ‘marry up’ against your career needs & wants.
  • Help you identify occupations / roles / organisations / industries that appeal and meet your needs.
  • Identify what you need to know about potential occupations/roles/organisations/industries in order to make a decision about whether the career is a possibility.
  • Identify who to speak to in order to find out more about potential career options.


What to expect from your Career Counsellor

You can expect your CareerScope counsellor to:

  • Help you clarify what you want and need in your career, as well as what you don’t want in your career.
  • Ask you to take off any ‘practical’ career filters for a short while to examine why the roles appeal. For example, if a client had an interest becoming a doctor, but is unwilling/unable to commit to the study, we would focus on what appeals about being a doctor and examine how we can incorporate those elements in your career moving forward.
  • Challenge assumptions individuals hold about themselves, e.g. not creative, not a good writer, as these are often unfounded and inaccurate.
  • Help you focus your research, i.e. identify/clarify what you need to know about particular career/study options order to make a decision about the feasibility of pursuing it further.
  • Be suitably qualified and experienced in career counselling.
  • Be a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia.


CareerScope counselors operate from the philosophy that you are the expert on you. Our role is to ask the appropriate questions and use the best resources / tools available to help you create your career plan.


The one thing that people often seek, but we cannot provide, is the name of your ‘perfect’ career. Given that for every individual there are multiple careers that will meet their needs / wants / skills / interests / experience, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ job. However, there may be jobs that might be more practical for you at particular times of your life (e.g. due to study requirements), and this is something a CareerScope counsellor can help you work through.


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