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People are an organisation's greatest asset and those that recognise and appreciate this fact are reaping the benefits of their investment. Becoming an Employer of Choice comes with it enormous cultural and financial benefits, such as:

  • Quality, motivated staff and job applicants
  • Reduced turnover – minimise the cost of lost knowledge
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Minimise sickness leave

Some organizations question the wisdom of investing in employees when they are leaving the organisation or to provide support to those staff that may not be ideally suited to the organisation. The way current and previous employees are treated have a direct and powerful impact on the attractiveness of the organisation to future staff, as well as the commitment of present staff.

CareerScope offers the following services:

Outplacement Support

Outplacements support can include:

  • Onsite support – on the day of the announcement
  • Job Search Assistance including personal branding (e.g. preparation of professional resume and interview skill development)
  • Career counselling and career coaching
  • Job / Career transition assistance

CareerScope offers an experienced career counsellor and registered psychologist, with a business marketing background. We bring a well-developed understanding of both the importance of ‘the bottom line’ and an appreciation of a company’s greatest asset, their employees.

Internal Redeployment Assistance

In the event of a company restructure, CareerScope can provide support in the process of redeploying staff to other areas of the organisation. Our strength is working with individuals to identify their strengths and preferences and establishing suitable alternatives within the organistation. With registered psychologists, we can incorporate assessment tools in the process, and provide career counselling to staff affected by the change. Sensitivity is required when implementing the redeployment process to ensure employees feel valued and heard. This is also relevant for employees who are not directly affected by redeployment. Conducting redeployment well is a valuable exercise working towards becoming an Employer of Choice.

In addition to our expertise in career counselling and psychology, our solid business background ensures we offer a well-developed understanding of the importance of both an organisation's 'bottom line', and greatest assets, their employees.

Performance Management and Professional Development

Ensuring that your team performs at their best, for example in the area of leadership, or recognising opportunities for on-going learning, is significant for reasons beyond simple profitability. There is a measured but clear shift in the way career is viewed in the 21st century. In order to attract and retain the best staff (a critical success factor for any business), companies must be aware of the changes and work towards incorporating these in their organisation.

While it is important that individuals do not bring their personal life into work, an individual’s career and home life is intimately intertwined, so much so that career counselling or career coaching could be more accurately termed career life counselling or coaching.

If you are hearing any of the following from your staff, it might be an opportunity to incorporate CareerScope support:

“I don’t mean to bring these problems into work. I just don’t know what to do.”

“I really like the people and the company. It's just that it all feels a bit like ‘Groundhog Day’.”

“I just can’t seem to get motivated anymore.”

Addressing these concerns sooner rather than later will save more than just productivity costs:

Happier staff = higher productivity

Higher productivity = better ‘bottom line’

Happier staff = Employer of Choice

Benjamin Franklin once said (adapt)...

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