5 Steps for Resume Success


1. Know why you are writing a resume - a targeted resume will hit the mark. Write for a particular role and a clearly identified target.

2. Most decisions about whether to interview candidates are made after seeing just the first page of a resume. Make sure all the relevant and most pertinent information is on this front page.

3. Mirror the company's terminology - it shows you understand the company, industry and role, and can give the impression you are familiar to the organisation.

4. Look at the job advertisement carefully to make sure you address all the information - identify the knowledge, skills and personal attributes they are looking for.

5. Ensure your resume is achievement focused - this is what the company is looking for the successful candidate to do ... achieve.


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5 considerations when you are thinking about a career change


1. Get back to basics - what are your career values and what motivates you in your career? How do these fit in with the career options you are considering?

2. Identify your transferable skills - those skills and abilities that can be readily applied to different industries, roles, etc. you have them and they are valued by employers!

3. Are there any major gaps in your knowledge, skills and abilities preventing you from changing career? What are they? How can you address these?

4. Are you interested or prepared to complete further study? Would you be willing to accept a more junior role (including reduction in pay and authority) to achieve a desired career transition? How does your financial situation impact on this - how much time can you afford to live on a reduced income?

5. An experienced and qualified career development professional can assist in clarifying your career transition and supporting you through the process.


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